What Do Dentists Use To Whiten Teeth?

Nobody wants a set of teeth with a yellowish coat when the world is crazy about sparkling white teeth. As a result, the prevalence of homemade remedies for teeth whitening has been getting very popular over the past couple of years. But these remedies are not always effective and often fail to deliver the result you may expect.  

Fortunately, this is not much of a concern when you can leverage the services of teeth whitening dentists in Illinois. These well-trained dentists know the right tactics and remedies to help you get sparkling white teeth. But what exactly do dentists use to whiten your teeth? 

Let’s find the answer to this question and determine how this information can benefit you in the following sections. 

Different Products That Dentists Use For Whitening Your Teeth

Over the years, dentists have come up with many ingenious ways to whiten your teeth using different products available in the market. So let’s check out some of the most common teeth-whitening gels used by dentists.  

Hydrogen Peroxide

In most cases, stains are the primary cause of tooth discoloration. However, this is not true in every case, and one must penetrate through the teeth’s surface to alter its color. 

Many teeth whitening dentists use a specific chemical known as hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth. This concentrated chemical is readily available in drug stores packed in a bottle. This unique chemical can penetrate the teeth’ surface and change its color from within.    

In most cases, teeth whitening dentists in Illinois prefer using Opalescence Boost, a specific hydrogen peroxide-based product. This product contains about 38% of hydrogen peroxide, which helps whiten and brighten teeth easily. The best quality about using this product for teeth whitening is you can see tangible results in just a single visit. 

However, if you are dealing with stains that are difficult to remove or your teeth are extensively discolored, you might need more than one session. But besides that, using hydrogen peroxide is a highly effective way to whiten your teeth as long as you have a professional administering the treatment.    


When you think about what dentists use to whiten teeth, polishing must be the first thing that comes to mind. This does not come as a surprise, considering polishing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to whiten teeth

Teeth polishing can help you eliminate stains from continual adverse activities over time. These things can be anything from drinking tea, coffee, and wine, even in some instances of passive smoking. 

While stains from these activities can turn severe over time, polishing makes it much easier to get rid of them by pairing them with whitening toothpaste. 

Besides, consider scheduling regular teeth cleaning appointments with your dentists for the best results. No wonder, polishing has become one of the most common ways to get teeth whitening with dentists.   

Laser Teeth Whitening   

Technological advancements have made great strides in the past few years, regardless of the field or industry. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that the dental fraternity is also coming forward to embrace the potential of technology. Laser technology has been around for ages, but it was only recently that dentists could now use lasers to whiten teeth safely. 

This means instead of using any conventional teeth whitening gel dentists use, they can now use the laser to activate a hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel to whiten your teeth. This method allows dentists to brighten your teeth by about six to twelve times brighter based on the specific factors that affect your teeth’s coloration.   

However, it is worth noting that there are still some safety doubts about dentists using lasers to whiten teeth. But most dentists agree that the procedure is entirely safe and patients need not be concerned about it. Dentists also place a liquid barrier over the gums to ensure the laser does not harm these softer tissues.   

Whitening Gel With Ultraviolet Light Boost 

Over the years, you have probably come across many ways for teeth whitening by the dentist. However, this is a relatively new tactic where specific light wavelengths activate your dentist’s whitening gel. This process takes much less time, making it an ideal choice for anyone who fails to access dental treatment due to lack of time.   

But you must remember that this is a relatively new approach to teeth whitening. So maintain a little caution while using this method. However, if you have a trusted family dentist in Illinois, there is little to no harm in undergoing the treatment. But ensure you evaluate the quality of teeth whitening gels used by the dentist beforehand and get the best results. 

Bottom Line 

Teeth whitening is never necessary, but given the simplicity of the procedure, considering it does no harm! So ensure you discuss the details of the treatment and whitening gel dentists use for the procedure. Once done, you can easily get sparkly white teeth in no time. 

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